True Tai Chi is:

Clarity – we represent orthodox Chen style Taijiquan, embodied by the founding family of Taijiquan, the Chens of Chenjiagou, Henan, China – objectively promoting the core elements that permeate all variations of traditional Chen Taiji.

Depth – we offer unparalleled depth and detail in our practice and instruction, supplemented by quarterly teaching visits from key leaders of the founding family of Taijiquan.

Quality – long recognized for the world-class quality of our classes and programs, we provide the very best training in Chen Taijiquan available anywhere, utilizing a foundational pedagogy unique to our program.

Fellowship – we provide an envied community of diverse practitioners, not driven by competition or ego, who are instead driven by warmth and support of each other and the best values of traditional Chinese martial arts.

Lineage – as the sole DC region branch of the historic Chenjiagou Taijiquan Academy from Taiji’s birthplace in Chen Village, Henan, China, our practice and instruction stems directly from the source.