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Stephan Berwick, an American pioneer in Chinese martial arts, with credentials spanning education, fitness, international relations, and film is the founder of the DC-based True Tai Chi™ program, which is the official DC region branch school of the historic Chen Village Taijiquan Academy.

Berwick is a 13th generation Chen style Taijiquan expert, long recognized as an early proponent of mainland Chinese martial arts. An original student of the celebrated American Chen style Taiji master, Ren Guangyi, Berwick is also closely mentored by top members of Taiji’s founding family, the Chens of Chenjiagou, Wenxian County, Henan Province, China. In 2000, Berwick completed extensive primary research at the Chen family village in Henan Province, China which resulted in seminal publications that documented training methods, key personalities, and historical details never before published in English. Since 1996, Berwick published nearly three dozen authoritative articles on all aspects of martial arts. He is also the co-author of Practical Tai Chi, Taijiquan: 38 Form & Applications, Taijiquan Hand & Sword and the long-selling, Tai Chi for Kids, published by Tuttle.

In 2010, Berwick went on to write, direct and direct the music for Final Weapon – the first dramatic action film (long form music video) that features authentic Chen Taijiquan, which starred Ren Guangyi, Hong Kong film legend Mike Woods, and features the music and an appearance by rock music legend and Chen Taiji disciple, Lou Reed.

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Berwick served as the content advisor and lead narrator of the documentary film, Urban Dragons, which profiled African and Latin American practitioners of traditional Chinese martial art. The 2009 film documented the need and benefits of Chinese martial arts for at-risk and under-represented youth and adults. In 2015, he went on to introduce traditional Chen Taijiquan training to under-represented youth in Arlington, Virginia.

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Tai Chi at the Arlington Career Center from Arlington Career Center TV on Vimeo.

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As an author with the leading alternative fitness publications company, Dragon Door, Berwick created and produced, “True Strength Yang”, a body conditioning regimen, inspired by traditional Chinese martial arts body toughening techniques.


In 2006 Berwick was the first Western Chen Taijiquan instructor profiled in a cover feature of the scholarly Journal of Asian Martial Arts. Berwick has also been profiled in Black Belt, Inside Kung Fu and Kung Fu Tai Chi magazines.

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From 1988-89, Berwick was one of the first Western martial arts performers in Hong Kong action films, working with the famed director Yuen Wo Ping and Asia’s top action star, Donnie Yen.  He was also one of the first two Americans, along with Yen, trained and certified in both traditional and contemporary martial arts at the Sha’anxi Athletic Technical Institute in China under China’s top-ranking competitive martial artist, Zhao Changjun and his celebrated coach, Bai Wenxiang in 1987. Previously, he was originally mentored by Yen’s mother, the famed Chinese martial-arts pioneer, Bow Sim Mark.

Currently, Berwick built a Taijiquan program to help revive the culture of Washington, DC’s Chinatown for the DC Mayor’s Office of Asian Affairs.  He also teaches Taijiquan to American diplomatic community as the Taijiquan instructor at the U.S. Foreign Service Institute.

Season’s greetings from the Wah Luck House senior residents.

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身為美國的中國武術先驅並跨足教育、健身、國際關係和 電影領域的史堤分·貝宇克,是總部設於華府的「正宗太極™
課程」創校人,该校也是歷史聞名的陳家溝太極拳學校在華府 的正式分校。

貝宇克先生是第十三代陳式太極拳專家,早被譽為中國大 陸武術的早期支持者。他不但是美國著名陳式太極拳大師—任
廣義的原生,也受過太極創始家族—中國河南省溫縣陳家溝的 陳氏家庭頂尖成員的密切指導。貝宇克先生於2000 年在河南
省的陳家村集結了他初步大量研究的結果出版了開創性的文章; 記錄了練拳技法、重要代表人物和許多從未以英文出版的歷史
細節。自1996 年以來,貝宇克先生出版了近四十篇關於武術 各方面的權威性文章。他還是《實用太極》、《太極拳:38

2010 年,貝宇克先生接著編寫並導演了第一部戲劇性動 作片(長版音樂視頻)《最終兵器》的音樂,主打由任廣益及
香港電影傳奇人物邁克·伍茲演出的正宗陳氏太極拳。搖滾樂 傳奇人物兼陳太極弟子—廬里德和他的音樂也是主要亮點。
貝宇克先生曾擔任紀錄片《都市之龍》的內容顧問和主要 旁白。演出人員包括非裔及拉丁裔的中國傳統武術家。 這部
2009 年的紀錄片描述了瀕危弱勢青年和群眾對中國武術的需 求和從中獲得的益處。2015 年,他又在維吉尼亞州的阿靈頓
的作家,貝宇克先生發明並首創了「真正的力量—陽」身體雕 塑運動,靈感來自於中國傳統武術裡的體格強健技法。

2006 年貝宇克先生成了第一個在《亞洲武術》的學術期 刊封面登出的西方陳氏太極拳教練。貝宇克先生也曾被《黑

從1988 年至1989 年,貝宇克先生是第一批擔任香港動作 片的西方武術演員之一,與著名導演袁和平和亞洲首席動作片 巨星—甄子丹合作。

貝宇克先生和甄子丹也是1987 年最早在由中國名列前矛 的競技武術家趙長軍和他的著名教練—白文祥帶領下的中國陝
西省體育技術學院(傳統及現代武術)受訓、認證的兩個美國 人之一。先前他原是由甄子丹的母親、著名的中國武術先鋒—

目前,貝宇克先生為華府市長亞洲事務處建立了太極拳計 劃,以幫助振興華盛頓特區的中國城文化。他也擔任美國外交

Translated by Sonya Chiang
Mandarin interpreter/instructor

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Donnie Yen: The official website of action film star, Donnie Yen. Now a leading figure in Hong Kong film, Donnie (Bow Sim Mark’s son) and Stephan go back many years, having trained together in Xi’an, China, under Zhao Changjun and Bai Wenxiang, before working together for Yuen Wo Ping in Hong Kong action films.

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Jow Ga Shaolin Institute: A leading traditional Chinese martial arts school led by Sifus Hon Lee and Reza Momenan, which is the longest running site for the True Tai Chi™ program.

Lou Reed: Rock music legend, the late Lou Reed was one of the world’s leading promoters of Chen Taiji and a beloved member of Ren Guangyi’s tai chi family.