Currently the leading Chen family masters are Chen Xiaowang, his younger brother and head grandmaster of Chenjiagou, Chen Xiaoxing, (both sons of the legendary Chen Fake’s eldest son, Chen Xiaoxu), and the Beijing-based, Chen Yu, (son of  Chen Fake’s second son, Chen Zhaokui), all representing the highest levels of the art. Today in Taiji’s birthplace, the Chen family village in Wenxian, Henan, China, (Chenjiagou) , Chen Ziqiang (son of Chen Xiaoxing) and Chen Bing (nephew of Chen Xiaoxing and Chen Xiaowang) are the leading masters of the next generation.  Chen Ziqiang is a highly regarded fighter and is the head teacher at the main Chenjiagou Taiji academy. Chen Bing is the highly popular teacher and fighter who has his own school just outside Chenjiagou, which is fast becoming a very popular school for visiting foreign students. Chen Xiaowang’s first son, Chen Jun teaches in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province (where Chenjiagou is located). His second son, Chen Yingjun is an active teacher in Europe and his third son, Chen Pengfei founded the large Taiji club at the University of Pennsylvania. Chen Xiaowang’s top American protege, Ren Guangyi, is the leading master from the Chen village martial art lineage in the United States. As an original student of Ren, who is also closely mentored by Chen family leadership, Stephan Berwick’s True Tai Chi™ group is the official Washington, DC branch of the historic central Chenjiagou Taijiquan Academy.