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One of the countries is the United States which has international athlete and film actor, Stephan Berwick. Through IDN Times conversations with him and the team at (the U.S. Embassy) @america, Pacific Place, Jakarta.

Pencak Silat, From Indonesia to Popularity Worldwide
Americans learn pencak silat, isn’t your time?

By NIsa Widya AmandaJakarta, IDN Times

Do you know diversity in Indonesia not only in terms of customs, culture and
language. From martial arts, Indonesia also has many kinds. One of the famous
ones is pencak silat.

Pencak silat is a traditional Indonesian martial art. The beginning of the birth of
the Malay tribe in coastal Sumatra and the Malacca peninsula. Now, this type of
martial art does not only exist in Indonesia but is already well known to various

One of the countries is the United States which has international athlete and film
actor, Stephan Berwick. Through IDN Times conversations with him and the
team at (the U.S. Embassy) @america, Pacific Place, Jakarta, let’s get to know

Who is Stephan Berwick? Come on, get to know me closer!
Stephan Berwick is a native of the United States. He is a martial arts athlete and
actor. His first film debut was playing in a Hong Kong film.

Beginning of learning martial arts

When he was young, his father gave him a book about martial arts. The book is
a history of martial arts. Seeing the images contained in it made him interested
in learning it.

What was done after he mastered martial arts?
Stephan and his friend went to Hong Kong and were given the opportunity to
play films. After that, he returned to America and taught Chinese people who
lived there, as well as Americans. Stephan taught them to use classical music
because he wanted to introduce that self-defense is not a just a form of
violence, but an art.

Challenges when teaching Americans
Martial arts come from the continent of Asia. So, it is certainly more difficult for
Europeans and Americans when studying this. One of the challenges is they
want to be proficient quickly in just two weeks and find it difficult to follow the

The effect felt by Stephan Berwick
Many things Stephan felt in his life by studying this type of sport. In everyday life
he becomes more disciplined and stronger, compared to friends his age.

What about Indonesia?
Not inferior to the United States, Indonesia also has martial arts athletes who are
not less cool. One is Ms. Puspa Arumsari, who in August 2018 managed to
make Indonesia famous through the Asian Games sports party, which was held
in Jakarta-Palembang.

Her journey to become a martial arts athlete
Puspa knew about this sport initially from her older brother who was a trainer in
the martial arts college. From there, Puspa’s curiosity arose to learn Pencak Silat
and after a long time became fond. Gradually, Puspa learned that Pencak Silat is
a culture that belongs to Indonesia. So she thought, if not a young Indonesian,
who else would continue this martial art?

Puspa Arumsari scored many achievements,
including making Indonesia famous on the international stage

Puspa had experienced a moment that made her practice harder. At one time,
Puspa entered a championship where the preparation time was only five hours
before the event, to memorize 100 more movements.

When performing, she forgot the transition movement. This is the moment that
made Puspa famous and great today, with achievements both nationally and
internationally. Her achievements include the Sea Games Malaysia – Bronze,
World Championships in Jakarta – Gold, West Java PON – Gold, which is her
stepping stone into national training on Indonesia’s elite international team and
then the 2018 Asian Games – Gold.

Puspa’s hope for Indonesian martial arts
Puspa wants this sport to enter the Olympics, to be more global. In the event of
the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Pencak Silat will be an exhibition event and at the
next Olympics, qualifying to be a formal event at the subsequent Olympics.
Very impressive, the achievements of the two figures above. We as young
people should also be like them. Trying, working hard and being able to make
the name of our own nation proud. Come on, you, young man, don’t want to
miss scoring achievements!