Taijiquan is a highly influential martial art created by an experienced military garrison leader, Chen Wangting, almost 500 years ago during the late Ming dynasty. Under the widespread influence of Taoism on many disciplines in China at that time, Taijiquan is a martial system imbued with the concepts and science of Chinese medicine and Taoism, spawning a unique approach to martial art training that sought to balance the forces of the body and mind. As the original version of Taijiquan, Chen Wangting’s innovation is rooted in martial arts popular among the era’s military, while offering rich health benefits and a potent form of self-defense, now known as ChenTaijiquan. The True Tai Chi™ program stems directly from this lineage and strives to represent the highest standards of Chen Taiji as taught by the Chen family and its martial progeny – the best of whom embody the ideals of True Tai Chi™.