• Silk Reeling exercises
• Standing exercises (“zhan zhaung”)
• Supplementary basic technique drills

• 19 Movement Short Form
• 38 Movement Short Form
• Lao Jia Yi Lu (Old Frame 1st Form, also known as the “Long Form”)
• Lao Jia Er Lu (Old Frame 2nd Form, known as “Cannon Fist” or Pao Chui
• Xin Jia Yi Lu (New Frame 1st Form)
• Xin Jia Er Lu (New Frame 2nd Form)

• Broadsword
• Double Broadsword
• Straightsword
• Double Straightsword
• Spear
• Halberd
• Staff
• Other traditional weapons common to the region can be seen in Chenjiagou, but are not widely practiced. These include double short staff, double mace, and the two-sectional staff.

Self Defense:
• Push Hands (Tui Shou)
• Wrestling
• Joint Locking
• Advanced Usage

Does Chen Taiji have a progression of achievement, belts, levels?
Traditional Chinese martial arts don’t utilize the decidedly modern, originally Japanese belt system. There are, however, specific stages of progression that students must undergo.