Class Descriptions

Tia Chi Fundamentals: Level 1 basics, 19 Form, and Level 1 Push Hands

Intermediate Taijiquan:  Level 2 basics, 38, Lao Jia forms, and Levels 2-5 Push Hands, (proficiency in the Beginning curriculum required)

Intermediate-Advanced Taijiquan: Level 3 basics, Xin Jia and Cannon Fist forms, applications and combat, (proficiency in Lao Jia Cannon Fist and facility with Level 5 Push Hands required)

All Levels: Small group instruction for all levels.

Internal Strength Workout:  Exclusive supplementary training regimen.

Electives: Offered seasonally as 10-24 week courses on special topics.  Separate matriculation required.



Arlington/Falls Church, VA

Washington, DC (Chinatown Park, 6th and “I” Streets, NW) — Spring and Summer only

Brooklyn, NY

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